Jerry Basierbe was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959 and grew up in south eastern Michigan. His fascination with photography began at an early age when he was given an inexpensive camera and some film as a gift. He began photographing seriously around the mid 90's.

Jerry's photographs are primarily of the natural and urban/rural landscape. His photographs are the result of the emotions he feels about the scene in front of him. He loves to photograph in the early morning and later in the evening and often after the sun sets because of the fantastic quality of the light at those times.

Jerry's photographic roots are in traditional black & white film photography and darkroom processing. He loves seeing his images appear on the photographic paper as true to the vision he had of the scene he envisioned in his mind at the time of capture on film.

Jerry has also been very interested in color photography. Many times he would also shoot color images of the same scenes he photographed in black and white.
A few years ago Jerry began photographing with a Nikon digital camera along with his Hasselblad film camera. He is now producing color images that are from his Nikon or scanned from his film negatives.